Purchasing a commercial or residential investment property requires careful thought and research. At Charter, we prioritize your goals as an investor as we evaluate deals that are in alignment with your risk/reward “return” objectives.

Our team provides the services you need as a property investor:

  • Land Development
  • Acquisition & Disposition
  • New Property Leasing
  • Professional Management
  • Property Maintenance
  • Construction/Remodel
  • Financial Reporting

We take the time to evaluate your goals and provide customized services based on your situation and plans. Whether you plan to purchase a property and lease commercial space or you intend to start from the ground up and purchase land before building a commercial space, we help with your plans.

When you purchase the space, our team also offers property management services. We market the property and identify responsible tenants through a background check and credit check. We then keep up with the basic maintenance and management of the property so you can focus on other interests and goals.